Tip of the Day: Disconnect Propane Tanks & Store 5′ from House


Posted on : 09-09-2009 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

For most of us, summer is over so when you start packing up your BBQ grill that has a propane tank attached you should follow these precautions: disconnect the tank from the grill, store it outdoors (it is impervious to heat or cold) because it is against fire codes to store a propane tank larger than one pound in an enclosed area because it is possible it may leak and explode! Always keep the tank at LEAST five feet from your home and test for leaks by closing the valve, then sponge the valve and the hose with soapy water, if it bubbles on a tight connection, you have a leak. Have it checked by an authorized dealer or dispose!

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