Tip of the Day: Is a Sale Savings?


Posted on : 19-07-2009 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

Many times we see higher priced items on sale and sweetened more by a coupon. Sometimes these aren’t such great deals. The initial purchase definitely is (especially if a coupon has been combined to lower the price further) but if it is something that needs supplementing in the future, it may not be. For example, a well-known brand razor is almost half price. You have a coupon too. After the initial purchase you will need to buy EXPENSIVE razor blades to fill it! The original bargain will be long gone after a few purchases are made. Solution: get the bargain, treat it as disposable or a one time buy and wait for the next bargain to come along to replace it! As I’ve said before, you can’t be brand loyal and save big!

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