Tip of the Day: Gas Saving Tricks


Posted on : 22-06-2009 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

This summer you can get more mileage from your gas purchase if you remember a few things. Park in a shady spot because gas will evaporate in the heat, not to mention, the interior will be cooler for you when you return. Buy your gas either early in the day or in the evening because your gasoline will expand in the heat and you’ll get less when you fill up at midday. You can save gas buy having an electronic toll payer, such as E-Z Pass, because you don’t have to idle at the toll booth. Remove heavy equipment from your car and trunk because the extra weight will consume more gas. Even leaving windows open causes a drag that hampers your fuel efficiency, you are better off with the AC when driving at higher speeds. If you have a pickup truck, cover the truck’s bed for the same reason. With gas prices so high maybe some of these suggestions will help you save!

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