Tip of the Day: The Art of Rebating


Posted on : 10-06-2009 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

Many companies offer rebates on all types of products from electronics to shampoo. The way to reward your purchase with a rebate takes a little know-how. First, save everything from your purchase (cash register receipt, box, and rebate form). Second, check the expiration date and be sure to mail in time. Third, keep records of your submission (copy any phone number on the rebate form, record the date you sent it and what you are to receive in return). It can’t hurt to make a copy of your materials. Rebates are offered as incentives to BUY a product, BUT companies are hoping you will be lazy or lose the proper proofs of purchase and then not send for the rebate after you have already purchased the product.

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