Tip of the Day: Send for Rebates


Posted on : 26-03-2009 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

When you are shopping and find a sale and use a coupon that is called a “double play.” If a rebate is offered on that on that product it is called a triple play! Most times a rebate will offer a part of your purchase price as a reward and sometimes even a FULL purchase price rebate making your item totally free! The thing to remember about rebates is to save your cash register receipt, READ the instructions to see if additional proof of purchase is needed (such as the UPC symbol) and when the offer expires. If you follow those rules you should make a home run in savings! Remember, manufacturers are counting on you to forget to mail in the rebate or worse, for you, you don’t have all the proof of purchase materials needed to qualify for the rebate. If a rebate is offered on something you buy, NEVER dispose of any part of the box, cash register receipt, etc until you read the qualifications!

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