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September means school is starting or in full swing for others! School supplies and Fall clothing shopping is on the agenda! Don’t dilly dally about buying school supplies! This is the week stores like Staples, Walmart, Target, (in-store and online) and even the supermarkets are chock full of your child’s needs at LOWER prices than they will be toward the end of the month! You’ll get deals on backpacks and lunch boxes too. Look for the 25¢, 50¢, and $1.00 deals (mostly at Staples)! These can’t be beat during the rest of the year so stock up now! Even if you are shopping for your office there are a lot of great prices on things you will need all year long. It’s a good time to buy 2024 calendars, planners, and other dated stationery. At this time of year you’ll find just what you need for next year.

Major appliances should be at rock-bottom prices this month. Thursdays, especially the last one of this month, are a good days to shop because the stores are less crowded and you may get a deal from a salesperson trying to fill his quota.

Shopping for a new car? The new models will hit the showroom floors soon so start first with edmunds.com to find out car market values. Whether you are looking for new or used you’ll get the right info. Be an educated shopper. Weekday mornings will get you a better deal!

National Coffee Day is Friday 9-29-23 and International Coffee Day is 10-01-23. Check for the best deals during the celebration at various coffee houses on the link posted.

If you didn’t take advantage of Memorial Day mattress sales, you’ve gotten a second chance to save. Get a good night’s sleep and count the dollars you’ve saved instead of sheep! Shop for sheets and other bedding as the sales continue for students furnishing dorm rooms.

As well as sheets, towels are discounted now due to the change in season. Don’t forget to look for sales on blankets and comforters too.

Garden supplies are getting cleared away to make room for Winter needs at Home and Garden stores. Pick up a few bargains that you still will have time to use or save for next year. Especially look for lawn mowers and perennials, shrubs, and trees.

Grills and Patio furniture is also discounted now. Don’t forget items to winterize the furniture you already have such as furniture and grill covers.

Bikes are in season and on sale! This is the time of year everyone wants to take a bike ride while reducing their carbon footprint. Retailers will be trying to unload last season’s models so you may get a bargain.

Sunglasses are not only for Summer! This hot weather staple has proven to be helpful all year long. Look for price reductions now as the days get shorter. Don’t forget, as the leaves start to fall the sun will be brighter and cause glare whether walking or driving.

Diabetes sufferers can get supplies on sale this month. Look for Bayer glucose meters and Glucerna cereal reductions.

Baby equipment and safety items will also be at reduced prices.

In the supermarket, September is usually National Coupon Month (hopefully, fingers crossed!), so combine your coupons with sales on cereal, breakfast bars, peanut butter, jelly, packaged lunch meat, cheese, yogurt, chips, snack cakes, cookies, hot dogs, ground beef, hot dog and hamburger buns, condiments, salad dressing, canned fruits and vegetables, soup, frozen pies, apples, artichokes, beans, bell peppers, chili peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes, onions, Valencia oranges, Asian pears, Bartlett pears, pomegranate, squash,  tomatoes, watermelon, as well as drink boxes, and soda. Also, you may find clearance  BBQ equipment, charcoal lighter fluid, racks, and tools, that you can save for next season. You may even find some reduced beach toys! (Save for next year, you’ll be happy you did!).

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