Tip of the Day: Best Deals in November


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After Halloween, we really get into the holiday season! Look for Black Friday sales  starting before the day after Thanksgiving and so much sooner! Shop early to get all your first choices. Remember, many Black Friday specials are in very limited supply and are usually come-ons to get you in the store. Skip the lines, crowds, and cold by ordering at home on your computer using coupon codes. You’ll do just as well from the comfort of your home, unless you enjoy the experience! Black Friday sales have limited quantities, so if you can find a deal on a special item, grab it. Many stores will honor price reductions that happen after a reasonable time. It’s worth shopping early to get what you want. Target has a price-guarantee. Check with the store near you to review the policy.

In the days after Halloween you’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth because most big stores will slash candy to half-off. This year stores are very well-stocked. I don’t know if less kids are going door-to-door or families have found other activities to help them celebrate. Nevertheless, candy is in great abundance in stores so you’ll surely be able to clean up on treats after the 31st. This candy can be used for many other holidays coming up. If you bake or need chocolate for recipes these will fill the bill, kid’s birthday parties, and entertaining.

Every Mom wants their child to put his best foot forward during the holiday festivities. Baby and kid’s holiday outfits will be displayed online and in stores. Try to save through sales and coupon codes so that even your far away friends and relatives will see your children at their holiday best. CVS Photo and Walgreens have photo specials on cards, gifts, and other holiday ideas. Look for coupon codes on my site!

Home stores, like Lowes and The Home Depot are slow in November. They will try to entice you will limited editions of tools and other items that can be used as gifts or stocking stuffers. Most times, this is the only time of year you’ll find some these.

Future brides now is the time to shop for THE dress. Many brides choose May or June for their ceremonies so November is a slow month, especially with an excess of last season’s gowns, so you can find some beautiful dresses at reduced prices.

TVs big and small will be priced right, but prices will probably not stray too much throughout the holiday season. Off brands will have the greatest savings.

In your supermarket look for special purchases that will give you a FREE turkey or other holiday dinner meal. Your spending adds up quickly so you probably will qualify. Don’t need it? Donate your FREE item, many others  less fortunate will welcome it. Also, this year, the media is warning of product shortages. Start your non-perishable holiday shopping early so you won’t be disappointed or have to travel from store to store to find your holiday ingredients . In addition, sales will be found on cake mixes, chocolate chips, evaporated milk, coconut, pie crusts, butter, cheese, turkey, refrigerated dough items, pie fillings, frostings, dried fruits, oatmeal, soups and broth, marshmallows, gravy mixes, boxed stuffing, and canned pumpkin. In the produce department Anjou pears, beets, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, cranberries, kiwi, lemons, oranges, potatoes, squash, and yams will all be on sale. Non-food items that will be on sale for your holiday cooking are aluminum foil, plastic wrap, disposable baking pans, and cookware. Try to combine coupons with these items and especially the ones that aren’t on sale.  Happy Turkey Day, whether virtual or in-person, be safe and thankful and enjoy!

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