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Let’s hope July will start with a bang as far as sales go! Look for bargains, even though prices are going crazy and NOT in a good way there are still some to be found.

After the Fourth, you’ll find sales on beach towels, picnic baskets, and luggage. Shop your favorite online stores too! They’ll deliver right to your door; PLUS you’ll get a much better selection.

Kitchen appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves will be on sale at the mid point of the month. If your grill needs replacing, try to wait until after the 4th because you’ll find plenty of markdowns. As we approach the middle of the Summer, prices will dip on lawn mowers and other gardening supplies.

Dreaming of new furniture?  Shop now as the stores get ready for the new lines coming in August. Don’t over look floor samples. You can find a great bargain in these gems. If you are decorating, paint will be cheaper too, at most big retailers, during the first week of July, at most big retailers.

Gyms and fitness centers want your membership and will be competing with each other for your business, so shop around for a good price. See if yours offers one-day passes to give your friends so you will be more apt to go when you have a buddy to workout with!

The price of men’s suits and sports jackets go down as the temperature goes up because most guys have shed their blazers and wool numbers for sport shirts and slacks. Also, since many of us are still working from home, the need to dress-up is definitely not required, so there is a large selection. Summer clothing will be reduced too. There will still be plenty of warm days ahead to wear them so grab some bargains! The remainder of the swimsuits and warm weather wear at most department stores will be discounted to make way for Fall fashions. But remember, the largest selections will be online.

Promotions on Sporting Goods will begin this month. You may even find deals on football equipment!

Expect party goods and supplies to be lower priced after July fourth. Stock up on plates, plastic cups, napkins, as well as patriotic-themed items like banners and flags. Don’t forget these can be used for Labor Day too or saved for next year. Solid colors can be used all year long.

There may be some left over Father’s Day tools at your favorite stores. You may find just the one you need on sale!

You will start to see back-to-school supplies hitting the shelves. Our schools have been out just one week so we don’t return until September, but states go back earlier so stock on on pencils, crayons, folders and notebooks this month. Supermarkets will have very good prices on these, so grab them when on sale otherwise you’ll be sorry!

Also, in your favorite supermarket, July is National Ice Cream Month! No excuse is needed to enjoy ice cream, but savings sweetens the deal! Other specials you’ll find will be on, of course, hamburger meat, hot dogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, relish, and salad dressing. Combine your coupons, if you are lucky enough to find them, with sales on soda, bottled water, chips, and charcoal. In the produce department fresh corn, tomatoes, and watermelon, pears, beans, blueberries, cucumbers, eggplant, figs, garlic, grapes, nectarines, onions, oranges, peaches, peppers, plums, potatoes, and squash will be on sale.

Keep cool and enjoy Summer!

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