Tip of the Day: Don’t Leave Citronella Candles Out in the Rain


Posted on : 23-06-2021 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

They protect us from mosquitoes and other flying insects while we enjoy the outdoors, but mosquito-repellent candles should NOT be left out in the rain if you want them to continue to do their job! They may still light after a rain, but the wax may not melt like it is supposed to thus not repelling because there will be an unsteady burn and less fragrance oil to deter the mosquitoes. Plus if rain water pools in your candle you are creating an incubator to breed more mosquitoes! So, try to lid candles or bring them inside after using. The best ones to get are lemon eucalyptus as they are most effective. Another tip is to scatter several candles around your outdoor space (ideally 10″ away from people) to prevent any bites!

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