Tip of the Day: Keep Bananas Fresh Longer


Posted on : 07-11-2020 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

Those hanging hook holders for bananas certainly prevent them from bruising. So if you like firm, yellow bananas it may be worth it to get one! You can also refrigerate bananas to prolong their life. The skin will brown but the inside is still yummy. Another longer term method to preserve bananas is to freeze them. Peel and wrap in plastic then aluminum foil. NEVER only foil as they will get mushy and hard to remove. These can be used for banana bread. Yum! Or, slice for smoothies and wrap with plastic and foil. You can also slow the ripening process on your kitchen counter by wrapping the stem in plastic. This will cut down on the emitted gas that turns a banana brown.

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