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#ad Doesn’t it seem like Summer just began? Now, it’s almost coming to an end! This means school bells will be ringing soon, whether in the schoolhouse or your home-schooling classroom. This is by far, the best time to buy school supplies to save rather than waiting until the first day back. If you are lucky enough to have a school list, shop now, online or in the stores such as Staples and your local supermarkets. They have the best bargains. They take coupons too! If you don’t have a list yet, buy basic school needs and you won’t go wrong. Don’t forget, this is backpack sale time too.

This is the month prices start dropping on air conditioners and lawn mowers because, even though there are plenty of sunny days ahead, lawns don’t grow as fast and temperatures will be falling soon. So, if you need either, now is a great time to buy! However, it’s also the time to buy firewood. Yes, it is! If you have dry storage area, buy green wood for even more savings. It will be ready for winter burning!

If you like camping and the outdoors, plan now for your Labor Day weekend. You’ll get the best prices on tents and outdoor gear as the stores stock up for other Winter activities. This may be the way of of outings and vacations of the future.

Need new wheels? This could be the month you’ll make your dream a reality. Car dealers want to weed out their inventory so they’ll  have plenty of room for the 2021 models. Statistics show the first two days in the month of August will save you cash better than other days. Also, these two days count towards July’s quota for salesmen.

August is also the time to check you nightwear inventory. Pajamas and other sleepwear will be on sale. Of course, bargains galore of Summer clothing and accessories will be available too. There is still plenty of time to wear your new duds or else save for next year.

If you can convince your kids to buy last year’s model sneakers you’ll save a bundle!

Thanks to college kids going away to school, all types of storage containers, closet accessories, and bins will be on sale. Also, towels, sheets, and other bedding. These are helpful whether you are going back to college or not!

In the grocery store combine your coupons with back-to-school foods because these will all be on sale: American cheese, lunch meat, yogurt, chips, soda, snack cakes, cookies, bottled water, iced tea, and drink boxes.

Enjoy the lazy hazy days of Summer, stay healthy and safe, and save!

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