Tip of the Day: Coping with Time-Change Jet Lag


Posted on : 04-03-2020 | By : georginesaves | In : Good Deals

As you may know, this weekend we start daylight saving time. This can cause disruptions in your body clock as well as life in general! To ease into this time change, starting today, each night before the time actually changes, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. This will help your brain adjust. Also, try to get in some early morning light on Saturday before actually getting out of bed. Our bodies get clues from the environment to reset. So this exposure shuts down your brain’s melatonin hormone and at night you will fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Eat a light dinner too, on Saturday, as this will help you fall into a deep, restful sleep. So hopefully this will help us all adjust and not be late for any appointments on Sunday!

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