Tip of the Day: De-Grime Car’s Cup Holders


Posted on : 23-09-2019 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

That great idea of installing cup holders in our car sometimes has a bad side, they get dirty and grimy from regular use. An easy way to clean them is to grab an orphan sock (you know you have one or two!). Slip over a travel or disposable coffee cup, spritz with all-purpose cleaner, and insert into the cup holder. Now twist back and forth a few times. The debris and crumbs will cling to the sock’s wet fabric. For the future, insert a silicone or paper cupcake liner into your cleaned holder to catch any other drips, crumbs, or grime that may occur. So next time you’ll just have to toss the paper liner or wash out the silicone one.

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