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It’s September already! Fall is around the corner! Back to school is in full swing no matter if you’ve already started or have a few vacation days left. Don’t procrastinate about buying school supplies. This is the week stores like Staples, Walmart, Target, and even the supermarket are chock full of your child’s needs at LOWER prices than they will be toward the end of the month! You’ll get deals on backpacks and lunch boxes too. Look for the 25¢, 50¢, and $1.00 deals (mostly at Staples)! These can’t be beat during the rest of the year so stock up! Even if you student days are over, there are a lot of great prices on things you need all year long.

If you have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep because you need a new mattress, now is a good time to shop. To go with your new mattress, shop for sheets and towels because they are reduced now too.

If you had your eyes (ha, ha) on a pair of sunglasses all Summer long, look for price reductions now as the days get shorter. Don’t forget, as the leaves start to fall the sun will be bright and cause glare.

The first week of September is Broadway Week, so if you like plays and the theater this is the time to buy tickets as there will be lots of promos offered!

Nothing is like a Fall bike ride. Leftover bikes will be at lower prices as store load up for Winter activities.

2020 cars will be rolling in to the showrooms this month so you’ll get a good deal on leftover last year’s models.

If you are updating an appliance or your old one conked out, major appliances are usually at rock-bottom prices early this month. Thursdays are a good day to shop because stores are less crowded and you may get a deal from a salesperson trying to fill his quota.

In the supermarket September is National Coupon Month (we’ll see, fingers crossed!), so combine your coupons with sales on cereal, breakfast bars, peanut butter, jelly, packaged lunch meat, cheese, yogurt, chips, snack cakes, cookies, hot dogs, ground beef, hot dog and hamburger buns, condiments, salad dressing, canned fruits and vegetables, soup, frozen pies, drink boxes, and soda. Also look clearance  BBQ equipment, charcoal lighter fluid, racks, and tools, that you can save for next season. You may even find some reduced beach toys! (Save for next year, you’ll be happy you did!).

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