Tip of the Day: Removing Corn from the Cob


Posted on : 15-08-2019 | By : georginesaves | In : Tip of the day

For many reasons, recipes, getting kernels stuck in teeth, for children, etc we must remove the corn from it’s cob. This can be a messy task as the kernels fly all over the place. A very simple way to contain the flying corn is to use a bundt pan. Stand the corn, with the pointy side fitted into the hole of the pan; use a sharp knife to slice downward. Be very careful as corn can be slippery. The kernels will collect in the bowl of the pan for easy distribution. If your pan has a stick-free interior, be careful not to scratch the interior of the pan with your knife. (You can tuck a paper towel or dish towel into the hole to protect the pan.)

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