Chatter: Softsoap’s New Fragrance Bring joy To You & Your Sink


Posted on : 21-07-2019 | By : georginesaves | In : Chatter

Recently, I was sent some samples of Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap from Colgate-Palmolive to try for myself. Before I tell you about the new fragrances, I want to mention the attractive bottle shape that makes them look like more than a hand soap. These new Softsoaps will accent your kitchen and/or bathroom without compromising your personal style. They offer subtle elegance and unique colors. I usually transfer my liquid soap into a decorative dispenser. There is no need for a soap dispenser with these bottles.

Orchid & Coconut Milk fragrance is as creamy and smooth as any hand lotion. The scent is delightful. Not over-powering at all. I usually opt for fragrance-free, but this is one I would add to my home.

Peony & Plum also has a subtle, light scent. The soap not only cleaned my hands, but they felt moisturized and soft.

Shea & Cocoa Butter has small grains within the soap that gently scrub your skin while leaving a pleasant, lingering scent on them.

Wild Basil & Lime has a clean, citrus scent. This one I felt might be appealing to men as it has a non-perfume or flowery scent.

Jasmine & Mint was my least favorite. It has a very faint scent reminded me of a beauty salon. i usually like the scent of mint, but I really didn’t smell it.

Everyone’s preferences are different, so I urge you to try these for yourself. Each one cleans your hands which is the main objective. The fragrance and bottle shape are yours to select. The suggested retail price is $2.97 for 13 fl oz. As we know, Softsoap is very generous by very often providing us with cents-off coupons in our Sunday newspapers. If you combine these with a sale price, it won’t cost too much to see what I’m telling you about.


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