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Recently, I was sent a variety of Hoyle card games appropriate for children 4-6 years old. My 6 year old granddaughter had lots of fun with these as well as her parents, grandfather, and me! I think if you are like me, and have started to look around for great, educational stocking stuffers for the holidays, these will be the perfect fit! With lots to choose from, most cost about $5.99 and are for 2-4 players. They also make wonderful additions to bring along on trips or as gifts for any occasion. They are great for family game night and they don’t need electricity, so if you lose power, the kids will still be amused! I’ll tell you about each one I received so you can get an idea which one is best for your child.

SHARKS are Wild: This card game teaches sequence building and numeral identification. There are two levels of challenging play so your child won’t get bored and it’s a challenge to go up to a new level. The directions are a little challenging, but once you get the hang of it, its lots of fun!

Piggy Bank: This game teaches counting by fives and tens and simple addition and subtraction. It is extremely helpful to children learning these math skills in school. This game will grow with your child as he or she advances and it’s so much fun they won’t realize they are learning.


Catch n’ Fish: This card game teaches addition, number sentences, and numeral values. Your kids will catch on easily to this one! And again they won’t realize they are really doing math!


Super Me! is an emotional intelligence game that includes elements of kid-favorites like memory and matching and is designed to help kids learn empathy, helping others, and social skills. This is especially important in today’s world of texting and impersonal communication with others. It’s fun too because it challenges your child to concentrate and remember!


Monkey May I? This emotional intelligence game is designed to help kids learn to recognize good choices and exercise self-control. This is important because it’s a fun way to point out to your child ways he or she can improve himself! It’s better than a time out!


No matter which game(s) you choose you will be a winner because your child will not realize he or she learning while he or she is having fun. These are easy ways to get the family dynamic together even for a short while. This will become an import and fun learning experience for you and your child. You will help your child reach and be aware his or her goals. Plus, the memories of these times is priceless.

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